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Dive into the World of Sleep: A Guide to the Four Stages of Sleep!

Ever wondered what happens when you hit the hay? Let's explore the magic of sleep in four simple stages:

NREM Stage 1: The Start of Sleep

Just 5-10 minutes of easing into deeper sleep. During this time, your brain and body start to relax, the latter faster than the former.

NREM Stage 2: Boosting Memory

This is a little deeper sleep than above where you become less aware of the surroundings. This sleep time is dedicated to lowering body temperature and helping your memory. As per studies, most of the population, spend half of their sleeping time at this stage.

NREM Stage 3: Deep Rest and Healing

Delta waves, also known as slow brain waves, begin to emerge indicating a deeper sleep than the above 2 stages, which is the secret to feeling refreshed!

REM Sleep: Dreams and Brain Boost

This stage of sleep often referred as paradoxical sleep or dreamy sleep during which, you would experience vivid dreams due to rapid brain activity but slow physical activity.

Sleep is not a straight line; disruptions can affect how well each stage works. From focus to health risks, a healthy sleep cycle is a game-changer.

Tips for a Better Sleep Cycle:

Avoid using mobile phones or backlit devices at least 3 hours before bed, maintain a routine sleep, and create a cozy sleep zone.

Understanding these stages is the key to a healthier, more energetic life. Prioritize uninterrupted, quality sleep – your secret weapon to a brighter day! #SleepMagic #WellnessJourney #GoodNightSleep

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