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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Kenna is the author of 14 books on Amazon worldwide, B&N, Nook, Smashwords, etc., selected local libraries and bookstores. As well, you'll discover an expert transcriptionist with over 20 years of transcription experience. So you know her English skills are great and your transcription is in good hands!

Amit is an expert medical transcriptionist also skilled in SCRIBE with a wonderful work ethic. Elias has many years of experience with legal and academic transcription. We have recently added three more accomplished freelancers to our company, including the accomplished and pleasant Catherine who comes highly recommended, as well as the hard working Shiny, and our very own Jackson, who is skilled both in medical and general transcription, as well as graphics. Kenna oversees and edits every project, and often transcribes a project herself, especially if the client prefers to hire the owner.

  • B.A. with Distinction from the University of Alberta

  • Numerous courses in marketing, psychology, and computer programs at U of A and NAIT since graduating 

  • Certificate in comprehensive medical terminology 98% average

  • Certificate in legal terminology 96% average

  • Certificate in Word 2016 with a 91% average

  • Ongoing Excel 2016 course work (2023)

  • Active in the worldwide and local community

  • A Canadian senior and entrepreneur who never stops learning

  • Registered this profit oriented company in 1999

  • Your support helps to champion:

    • Doctors Without Borders 

    • Hope Mission in Edmonton, Canada

    • Queen Elizabeth Nursery & Primary School in Kihihi, Uganda

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